We offer a personalized service for media (movies, television, advertising, photography…) and particular (events, weddings…).
We analyze your needs and put you in the best professionals’ hands. Our team has a long experience to guarantee you the best results. Let us inspire you…



Make up and hair styling
Our partner Cruz Puente was representing Spain for MAC Cosmetics in Milan as the best makeup artist in Spanish Television.She has created the makeup and hairstyle of an endless list of actors, models, sports figures and celebrities. It’s worth mentioning her works in Spanish Fiction Series like El Don de Alba, La Princesa Eboli, Aída, 7 Vidas, La Familia Mata, Doctor Mateo, Herederos… Spanish films like Viral, La Última Isla, After Party, Lobos de Arga, No Controles… and advertising campaigns for leading international brands.


Styling and Image Consultant
Pucha Riaño and Julio Cesar Muñoz are renowned Stylists and Image Consultants with a long time experience behind them. Image Consultants for many public figures, TV hosts, actors and politicians.
In their extensive CV stands out the Image Consultancy for Antena 3 TV, Nova, Nitro, Neox and Aragon TV, as well as the creation of their Stylebook and a personalized service to their hosts. They have been responsible of the Stylism for many Spanish TV programs and they’re weekly contributors for magazines like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Currently you can watch them directing and presenting the TV program "A closet for you" in Channel Decasa.